2021's Top 10 States for Dog Bites

July 11, 2022

You love your nonhuman family members! Dog, cat, parrot, or iguana; they are part of your brood.

But what happens when your pets cause damage to others, whether it be property damage or bodily injury?

As your family member (and because you are legally liable for your pet) if something they do causes property damage or bodily injury, you are responsible for that damage.  Thankfully, homeowners insurance policies include liability coverage and medical payments that can protect you from bills resulting from injuries or damages caused by your pet.

However, some insurance companies may exclude damage caused by your pet or they may even refuse to place homeowners insurance because of the type of animal you own.  Likely causes of exclusions may be exotic pets, pets with a previous bite history, or pets that are deemed dangerous. FYI - dog bites are the #1 liability claim under a homeowners insurance policy!

Advise your insurance agent about your pet or call them when you’re considering getting a new one to ensure you have the coverage you need if the worst occurs. 

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